How might you react if your partner came out as transgender?

Men and women candidly answer how they would respond

All romantic relationships present a myriad of obstacles and new experiences, but a partner coming forward as trans is one that’s rarely talked about. Some couples though, like Jennifer Finney Boylan and Deirdre Finney, have navigated it successfully, and shared their story with others. “What she would tell you, were you to ask, is that the things that she loved in me have mostly remained the same, and that our marriage, in the end, is about a lot more than what genders we are, or were,” wrote author and transgender activist Finney Boylan in an Op-Ed for The New York Times, titled “Is My Marriage Gay?” The couple was married for more than 10 years before Finney Boylan transitioned from male to female. Finney stayed in the relationship. “Maybe she was crazy for doing so; lots of people have generously offered her this unsolicited opinion over the years,” Finney Boylan wrote.

But in today’s modern landscape of love, is it that crazy after all? In the video above, we asked a sample of men and women to explain how they would react if their partners came out as trans.


“You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to become a woman — don’t be a stupid one”

Tracey “Africa” Norman was the first black trans model in the 1970s fashion world

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