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Elinor Ostrom is great example of a woman who "knows stuff." She won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2009. (RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Know how

Female political scientists start website to combat bias against women in academia

By WITW Staff on February 13, 2016

A group of female political scientists have teamed up to create Women Also Know Stuff, a website intended to provide an easily accessible database of female experts in a variety of fields. The project began when members of the group noticed media reports on politics very rarely cited female experts. Although men with doctorates, and in faculty positions, outnumber women significantly — women hold 28.6 percent of full-time faculty positions in political science —  these differences weren’t enough to account for underrepresentation of women scholars in the public sphere. A review of international relations scholarship revealed that women are consistently cited less often than men, and another study found male authors are less likely to cite the work of female scholars than female authors. The problem, it appeared, was one of implicit bias — people are less likely to think of women as experts.

When all-male expert panels pop-up, in academia and media, organizers often defend themselves by saying they are unaware of qualified female experts. Women Also Know Stuff solves that problem by making it easy to find female scholars and their work online. The site has been active less than a week, but already has hundreds of submissions and thousands of views.

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