College is more expensive for women than men in the U.S.

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

While the cost of college in the US continues to rise for everyone, a new study by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) suggests that college is actually more expensive for women than men. The reason behind it is simple: because of the gender pay gap, women take more time to pay off their student debt than men — and end up paying more interest. Looking at 2007-08 college graduates who found full-time work, the researchers found that men  paid off 44 percent of their student debt in three years, while female graduates only paid off 33 percent during that period. The numbers are even worse for minorities: black women were able to pay off 9 percent of their student loans by 2012, and Hispanic women just 3 percent. That’s unsurprising if you take into account how much less they make: according to the report, Hispanic or Latina women workers earn only about 54 percent of what a white man earns annually, while black women workers earn 63 percent of what a white man makes every year.  “Young women feel privileged, they feel very accomplished, they are sought after in many ways,” Catherine Hill, author of the report told Bloomberg. “But it does not seem to be paying off in earnings.”

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