Female suicide bombers kill 58 at Nigerian refugee camp

Internally Displaced Persons at Dikwa Camp in Nigeria, on February 2, 2016. (STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Fifty-eight people are dead and 78 injured after young, female bombers detonated explosives inside a camp for refugees who have fled the violence of the militant group Boko Haram. Three girls were sent to the camp, which is located in the town of Dikwa, by Boko Haram. Two of them blew themselves up in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The third girl decided not to detonate her explosive device when she stumbled upon her parents and siblings in the camp. She surrendered to the authorities, and warned that Boko Haram was planning further attacks. The Islamist extremist group has previously targeted camps set up for people fleeing its brutality, and has increasingly deployed women and girls as suicide bombers.

Read the full story at the New York Times.


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