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Fairygodboss provides helpful information to female job-seekers. (Nick Karvounis via Unsplash)

Women at Work

Fairygodboss offers women a site to review, rate companies’ female policies

By WITW Staff on February 10, 2016

A new website aimed at allowing female employees to rate and review their employers’ policies towards women has drawn close to 20,000 reviews in the first years of its existence. Fairygodboss, a mashup of the review sites Yelp and Glassdoor with a female focus, was started by entrepreneur Georgene Huang when she was job-hunting while pregnant a few years ago, according to The Atlantic. Huang looked for information about companies’ policies towards mothers, but couldn’t find much. She launched Fairygodboss in March of 2015 with Romy Newman, a former colleague, and the site has so far drawn 19,000 reviews on more than 7,000 employers.

In addition to yielding helpful information to female job-seekers, the reviews have revealed some interesting data to the founders: the longer maternity leave available to an employee, the more satisfied the employee is at a job, for example. Women also rated companies highly when management teams were made up of men and women, rather than just men, and when female employees were treated equally at work.

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