Zika crisis

Dutch organization will mail abortion pills to Zika-affected countries

A woman carries her son who has microcephaly at their home in Recife, Brazil. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A reproductive health organization from the Netherlands has offered to provide free abortions to women in countries affected by the Zika virus in an effort to stop the disease’s outbreak. The group, Women on Web, said it will mail medication to induce abortions to women who are less than nine weeks pregnant and have a Zika infection, which is suspected to pose risk of physical birth defects if mothers are infected. The measure comes amid a crisis in Latin and South American countries where access to abortion is limited, but health officials have warned women to avoid getting pregnant while the virus is still spreading. The group will not ship to countries where it is illegal, such as Brazil.

“It’s a public health emergency and finances should never be an obstacle to prevent an unwanted, risky pregnancy,” Dr. Rebecca Gomperts of Women on Web told BuzzFeed Health.

Women will fill out a questionnaire about their pregnancy and have an online consultation with a doctor before receiving the medication, according to BuzzFeed.

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