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Watch me flip

College gymnast pulls out the nae nae in near-perfect routine

By WITW Staff on February 10, 2016

UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus helped her team win against Utah on Saturday with a near-perfect 9.925 score on a floor routine that soon became a viral sensation, not just for its excellence, but for featuring the whip, the nae nae, and the dab between moves. Flipping and soaring, the 21-year-old nailed every technical aspect of her routine, celebrating each success as though she’d scored a touchdown. Her joyful struts, skips, displays of flexibility, and, of course, dance moves, had DeJesus’s teammates gleefully imitating her in the background and the crowd yelling “10!” When she ended with the dab, DeJesus sent the 7,546-person crowd into a frenzy.

The video of DeJesus’s performance on Facebook already has over 26 million views. Amazingly, DeJesus only came fourth in the event, but her routine did help UCLA beat Utah according to the Daily Bruin. According to, DeJesus is believed to be the first gymnast to hit the quan during a competition.

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