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3 former Chipotle managers win gender discrimination lawsuit

(Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

A federal jury in Cincinnati ruled this week that three women who used to be general managers at Chipotle restaurants had been discriminated against and fired because of their gender, and each was awarded close to $200,000 in damages. The women said they were being held to a different standard than their male colleagues, despite “putting everything into Chipotle,” as Tina Reynolds, one of the three former managers said, according to local news organization WLWT. Reynolds said she worked 70 to 80 hours a week and sacrificed family time to do a top-notch job. She said she was proud of her accomplishments as a general manager at the fast food chain. Nevertheless, she was fired, even though male general managers who were getting worse audits and performance reviews weren’t even reprimanded. “Why am I being treated like this when I am doing a great job?” Reynolds said. According to Kelly Myers, the attorney representing the former Chipotle workers, the three women “were excluded from conversations, looked over in the conversations, not asked for input and then, in more egregious ways, there were comments. Miss Rogers was told there was too much estrogen in the store. Miss Rogers was told that there were too many overweight women in the store.” Seven other female general managers at Cincinnati-area Chipotles lodged similar complaints. Chipotle, however, denies the allegations and filed a motion to dismiss the cases back in 2013. The woman all pointed to the same event as the beginning of the downfalls of their careers at the fast food chain.

Read the full story at WLWT.

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