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Professor who donned hijab in solidarity announces exit from Christian college

Larycia Alaine Hawkins (Facebook)

A college professor at a Christian college in Illinois has agreed to leave her position at the university after she posted a photo of herself wearing a hijab in solidarity with Muslims on social media. Larycia Hawkins drew ire from the administration at Wheaton College over the photo and her remarks on Facebook, where she wrote that Christians and Muslims “worship the same God.” The school sought to fire Hawkins, sparking a wave of protests by students on campus who were supportive of the political science professor and saw the issue as one of free speech. The school claimed that Hawkins had refused to discuss the theological issues surrounding her statement with administrators, though she disputed that fact.

The protests, including a petition from alumni and current faculty, led the school to publicly announce that it would no longer seek Hawkins’ termination, but on Monday, the university and Hawkins issued a joint statement saying they had “found a mutual place of resolution” but that Hawkins would “part ways” from the school.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


Christian college professor fired over statement that Christians, Muslims worship the “same god”

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