Iranian news anchor posts sexual harassment message from boss, flees country

An Iranian newscaster who worked at the country’s state-run English-language television station has resigned and fled the country after publicly claiming she was sexually harassed by coworkers there. Sheena Shirani posted messages she received from her boss, news editor Hamid Reza Emadi, in which he begs her to come to his apartment for sex. She also posted an audio recording of Emadi asking her to come over and have sex “just for five minutes.”

“I can no longer be part of a cause, a system or an organization I don’t believe in,” she wrote. “As of today, I no longer work for Press TV.” She followed that on February 4 with another message: “What comes first?!!! Your dignity and values or your job?”

Emadi and another manager at the station, PressTV, were suspended Monday, The New York Times reported, and Shirani has reportedly fled to another country and has not disclosed her location.

Read the full story at Jezebel.


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