The sneaky way pro-life activists are trying to dissuade women from having abortions

An abortion opponent in Manassas, Virginia, has found a novel way of getting in the way of women who are seeking abortions with a strategy that hinges on duplicity. For decades, Pat Lohman has run a crisis pregnancy center in the Northern Virginia town, and where did she decided to set up shop? Right next door to an abortion clinic, its front door mere feet from the front door of the abortion clinic. By design, the strategy is deceptive, right down to its ambiguous-sounding name: A-A-A Women For Choice. Invariably, women seeking abortions over the years would accidentally wander into Lohman’s facility, thereby giving her a shot to dissuade the woman from terminating a pregnancy. She threw everything but the kitchen sink at the women to change their minds.

Then one day last year, a new opportunity arose. The doctor who ran the abortion clinic was retiring and put the building for her facility up for sale. With the backing of the Indiana-based Blessed Virgin Mary Foundation, Lohman was able to purchase the abortion clinic from the retiring doctor. Now she essentially uses it as a front to lure women seeking abortions into her center so she can attempt to talk them out of it. Within moments of the sale closing, the phone number of the abortion clinic, the ads for which still appear online, was forwarded to the A-A-A Women For Choice. Some observers view the slick maneuver of purchasing an abortion clinic as a new front in the abortion wars.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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