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Firearms makers are tailoring pistols for women who pack heat

Susan Kushlin poses with a concealed-carry handbag that her company, Gun Girls, Inc., created for women. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Gun makers are introducing new types of firearms specifically designed with women in mind, a new report from CNN Money reveals. And the flurry of new women-centric firearms is not some flight of whimsy. A record number of background checks for women purchasing guns last year has made them the fastest growing demographic in the gun industry. Gun makers like Glock and Smith & Wesson are taking notice and consulting women in the process of designing new products. What are women looking for in a gun, you might wonder (if you’re not one of the many who’s already purchased a pistol)? Something small that’s easy to conceal, research indicates, is the most basic requirement many women are looking for. Glock recently introduced a palm-sized G36 that is only 1.13 inches wide and holds about half the ammunition that a regular-sized Glock pistol — the type many police officers carry — can hold. The thinner design makes the gun much easier for tucking into clothing, CNN Money reports. If, however, you’re not considering shoving a gun down the crotch of your pants or tucking it somewhere in your bra (who’s really got room, even for a smaller gun, in those places?) fear not. The new gun designs and sizes have triggered a need for new gun accessories, a product line that gunmakers say, along with the the uptick in gun sales to women, is making their bottom lines go — boom!

Read the full story at CNN Money.

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