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New Coors Light ad campaign to appeal to conscientious millenial women

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Beer companies are notorious for disregarding and objectifying women in advertisements, but, according to brand specialists, major labels are making an effort to change that. Women consumed 17 billion servings of beer in 2014, 25 percent of the total volume. This figure was an increase from 20 percent in previous estimates, and equal to the amount of beer millennial males drank that year. With more consumers switching to craft beers — up to 10.7 percent of the dollar share in 2015 — and beer having lost ten percentage points of its volume share to wine and spirits since 2002, major labels are reevaluating how to grow their market base, says Allen Adamson, former chairman of brand consulting firm Landor Associates. A new campaign revealed on Sunday by Coors Light, showing women rock climbing and whitewater rafting in the mountains, is intended to evoke a sense of empowerment in female buyers.

“It was fine to show a frat party making fun of girls five or eight years ago,” says Adamson, “but it’s ineffective and potentially damaging to do so today.” He attributes the change to the emergence of millennials as a key demographic. Millennials, he explains, are more conscientious about sexism and chauvinism. David Kroll, who became MillerCoors chief marketing officer in July, agrees. “In some respects,” says Kroll, “beer is just catching up to the millennial mind-set.”

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