Woman who turned in ringleader of Paris attacks says she now feels abandoned

A man described as Abdelhamid Abaaoud, published in the Islamic State's online magazine. (REUTERS/Social Media Website via Reuters)

A woman known only by the pseudonym “Sonia” says she fears for her life three months after she tipped off French authorities to the whereabouts of the Paris attacks ringleader. In an interview with French broadcaster RMC, Agency France Press reports Sonia says she feels abandoned by the state and isn’t getting the support she needs in changing her identity now that she’s squarely a target of terrorists. “I have no life, no social life, no job, no friends, no family. I have been cut off from the world,” Sonia told the TV station. “I feel threatened, abandoned,” she added, despite the fact that she has police protection.

Sonia was friends with the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the November attacks that killed 130 and injured scores more. The cousin helped harbor Abaaoud following the attack. When the cousin enlisted Sonia to help keep Abaaoud hidden, she came face to face with the cold and calculating ringleader. In a chilling exchange, she says he confessed his role in the attacks and, according to Sonia, revealed plans for further attacks on Paris. That’s when Sonia decided to turn him in. “In my head I said they will not do it because I am going to stop them,” Sonia recalled. Abaaoud and his cousin were killed by gunfire in a police raid set in motion by Sonia’s tip.

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