What if male scientists were described the same way as female scientists?

(L) Oliver Sacks; (R) Pierre Curie (images via Wikipedia)

As you might have noticed, the bios of female scientists are often replete with completely superfluous information on their appearance, their romantic life or *gasp* how they could possibly combine a scientific career with family life. To highlight the discrepancy in how we talk about male vs female scientists, Twitter user @Daurmith decided to write short bios of famous male scientists, as if they’d been written about women. He came up with gems like: “His dour personality made everyone think he’d never marry. Even so, Schrödinger got a wife and a Nobel Prize” or “He had the body of an athlete and the face of a movie star. But Oliver Sacks chose science over glamour.”

Originally posted in Spanish, Daurmith (who wants to remain anonymous) retweeted the tweets in an English translation when they started to gain some traction online. Speaking to Buzzfeed about the origin of tweets however, (s)he revealed that they were inspired by being “a bit irked” by a piece about British poet Sarah Howes winning the T.S. Eliot Prize which focused on her appearance more than her poems. “I got to thinking about that and about all the other times I’ve seen articles written about notable women in which their looks/makeup secrets/wardrobe advice were discussed, sometimes instead of –- not besides –- her work,” the Twitter user told Buzzfeed. “I wrote the bios as an exercise ‘through the glass’, so to speak. I find it productive, and a bit cathartic, to use women’s tropes on men, à la Hawkeye Project. I didn’t want to achieve anything special and honestly thought they would get quickly lost.”

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.


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