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Election 2016

Now that the Iowa Caucuses are over, would you vote for Hillary?

By Jennifer Perry on February 2, 2016

The Iowa Caucuses are over and Hillary Clinton has squeaked by — thanks to some help from six lucky coin flips — with the narrowest of victories over Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. With the race running so close in the Iowa Caucuses, we were curious to see if voters in our hometown are as equally split on Clinton and Sanders as they are out in the Hawkeye State. So we decided to head down to New York City’s iconic Grand Central Terminal and hold a little informal caucus of our own. It’s completely unscientific, but since voters in New York won’t get a chance to make their voices heard until April 19 (New York holds a primary instead of a caucus), we thought it would be fun to see what’s on their minds. Watch the video above and see what they told us.


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