Unfair pay?

Trump campaign slapped with gender discrimination accusations

A former Iowa field organizer for Donald Trump slapped his presidential campaign with a gender discrimination complaint on Sunday, a day before the all-important Iowa Caucuses. Elizabeth Mae Davidson, a field organizer in Davenport, the third-largest city in Iowa, was fired on January 14th — a day after The New York Times ran a story that portrayed the Trump campaign’s ground operation in Iowa as committing the most basic of errors just three weeks ahead of the caucuses. Davidson, 26, however, was portrayed in a positive light in the story, which described her as “one of the campaign’s most effective organizers.” Davidson said in the complaint that she was dismissed for making “disparaging comments about senior campaign leaders to third parties” and breaching a non-disclosure agreement. She also accused the campaign of paying women staffers less than men staffers for doing the same work. Davidson told the Times she was paid $2,000 a month, and campaign records show men with the same title as Davidson in the Trump campaign were paid $3,500 to $4,000 a month. She also alleged Trump, upon first meeting her, made a remark about her looks. Speaking about Davidson and another woman who is a volunteer staffer, Trump allegedly said they could “do a lot of damage.”

Trump dismissed the claims, telling the Times that his top campaign officials said Davidson was a disgruntled employee who was doing “a terrible job.” Trump also criticized the timing of the Times report, which he said could damage his chances in the Iowa caucuses, happening on Monday. The report comes just days after a reignited feud with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly drew a new round of criticism over Trump’s treatment of women. CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour castigated Trump over his sexism and misogyny last week after he called Kelly a lightweight.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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