Miracle babies

Eight-day-old conjoined sisters successfully separated at Swiss hospital

Doctors in Switzerland have performed separation surgery on eight-day-old conjoined twin girls, the BBC reported Sunday. The babies are believed to be the youngest conjoined twins to ever be successfully parted. Lydia and Maya were born on December 2 at the Inselspital hospital in Bern, along with a triplet who was not conjoined. The twins were “extensively” attached at the liver, according to the hospital, but each had all their vital organs. Doctors had originally planned to perform the separation surgery when the girls were several months old, but decided to expedite the procedure when they realized that one baby had too much blood, the other not enough. A team of thirteen medical professionals spent five hours separating the twins on December 10th. Lydia and Maya are now recovering in a pediatric intensive care ward. The hospital says that while the babies are “still very small,” they are developing well and have begun to breastfeed.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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