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Not surprisingly …

Women on contraception have more sex, study finds

By WITW Staff on January 31, 2016

Women in relationships who use contraception are about three times more likely to have regular sex than women who don’t, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The researchers believe this has to do with the fact that the use of contraception separates sexual pleasure from the responsibilities of a possible pregnancy.

The study looked at data from several sexual health surveys, filled out by more than 210,000 women from 47 different countries. According to the findings, 90 per cent of the women who reported using contraception said they had had sex in the past four weeks, compared with 72 per cent who were not. “We want women to have better, healthier, safer sex lives by separating sex from pregnancy and childbearing. Contraception does that,” said study leader Suzanne Bell, MPH. “Knowing how often women have sex — and what role contraception plays in that — can give us a better understanding of how meeting our family planning goals of improving access and meeting demand might impact people’s lives beyond decreasing lifetime fertility.”

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