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(REUTERS/Rebecca Cook)

Sharp shot

New firearms accessories emerge for gun-carrying women

By WITW Staff on January 30, 2016

For gun-owning women, the decision to open carry is a personal one — but for those who choose to conceal their weapon, holsters choices are limited. A report from NPR explains that while there is no accurate count to determine rates of female gun ownership, the National Sporting Goods Association found that in 2015, 5.4 million women said they went target shooting — and the same group found that women who bought guns last year spent an average of $870 on the weapon and over $400 on accessories.

That’s where brands like The Well-Armed Woman come in: since the summer, CEO Carrie Lightfoot told NPR that sales of bra holsters, concealment leggings, lace waistbands, and leopard print gun holders for cars have risen 130 percent. Lightfoot explained that her range of products do well because women’s bodies vary greatly, so, “a 32A bust could not conceal a Glock 19 very well — nor would a 42DD or a larger tummy allow for effective cross-draw carry,” she said.

Another entrepreneur, Kate Woolstenhulme, has seen great success with her line of concealed-carry handbags, which offers stylish options that appear similar to what a woman might buy at a regular department store but also include locking devices.

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