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Tax on women

California board endorses bill that would end tampon tax

By WITW Staff on January 29, 2016

This week, California’s Board of Equalization, which oversees the state’s taxes, unanimously agreed to back a bill that would exempt tampons and pads from state sales taxes. California is one of 40 states where tampons are not considered a necessity, and thus subject to sales tax. The bill, introduced by state assembly members Christina Garcia and Ling Ling Chang, would save California women $20 million annually according to Garcia’s office. The movement to end the “tampon tax” has gained momentum in recent months, with a petition started by Cosmopolitan garnering more than 43,000 signatures, and a similar effort aimed at the EU drawing over 300,000. Last year, Canada dropped its tampon tax and France dropped their own tampon tax in December.

“Effectively we are being taxed for being born as women,” says Garcia. “… It’s an opportunity to end an outdated tax that uniquely targets women for a function of their body, a function we don’t control and can’t ignore every month of our adult life.”

Similar bills to California’s are being considered in New York and Ohio.

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