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Ohio senator: Opponent shouldn’t run because she’s a young mother

(L) Jennifer Herold (Twitter) ; (R) Senate Majority Leader Tom Patton (Ohio Senate)

Senator Tom Patton, who serves as Senate Majority Leader, is in the running for the Ohio House against challenger Jennifer Herold, an occupational therapist who hopes to shake up the 7th House District. In a radio interview with America’s Work Force, Patton suggest that Herold — who he called a “young gal” and “sweetie” — was unfit to run because she is a young mother. Cleveland.com first broke the story.

“The gal that’s running against me is a 30-year-old, you know, mom, mother of two infants,” Patton said. “And I don’t know if anybody explained to her we’ve got to spend three nights a week in Columbus.  So, how does that work out for you? I waited until I was 48 and my kids were raised, and at least adults, before we took the opportunity to try.”

“I want to tell her, ‘Hey Sweetie, I just got 27 percent of the pie in just my district, which is nine times what should have been done’,” the 62-year-old Republican said.

Herold called his remarks “insulting and discriminatory,” pointing to examples of women who have balanced work and home life as senators. She suggested that Patton would not have said the same had she been a young father, adding, “in a district that is composed of over 50 percent women, with many parents who successfully balance demanding jobs as well as a family, there is no place for this kind of anti-working parent mentality.”

Referring to her husband, she remarked, “Only one man in my life is allowed to call me ‘sweetie.'” This week, Herold also brought her one-month-old baby to a Senate committee hearing on which Patton serves.

Read the full story at Cleveland.com.

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