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Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Business as usual

On the first day back post-blizzard, only female senators return to work

By WITW Staff on January 27, 2016

Following a weekend blizzard that smothered the national capital in more than two feet of snow, Tuesday morning in the U.S. Senate was noticeably absent of men, and Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski took note. “As we convene this morning, you look around the chamber, the presiding officer is female. All of our parliamentarians are female. Our floor managers are female. All of our pages are female,” she said. “Something is genuinely different — and something is genuinely fabulous.”

The all-woman meeting was a coincidence, but Murkowski nevertheless chalked it up to the “hardiness of women,” senators who put on on boots and a hat to “get out and slog through the mess that’s out there.”

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