Hypocritical men called out for shaming women who post selfies

“Shirtless Shamers” is the name one Twitter user is giving to men who post half-naked photos of themselves on Twitter and Instagram and then berate women who do the same thing. Lindsey, a 29-year-old feminist who started the hashtag #ShirtlessShamers2016, told BuzzFeed this week that she was sick of seeing men saying they had “lost respect” for women who posted revealing photos, while their own profiles were full of photos of them with their shirts off. Equally offensive were the men who filled their accounts with photos of naked women and porn but then criticized women for taking “slutty” selfies. “They’re torn between wanting to consume women’s nudity for their enjoyment, and condemning it if it’s presented as self-expression or self-celebration,” she said.

Lindsey began calling out dozens of social media accounts, splicing together the user’s criticism of women with his own nearly-naked selfies. She said she hopes the hashtag will help open up a conversation about “why we spend so much time policing what women wear on or do with their bodies.”

Read the full story on BuzzFeed.

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