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Headless body inquiry helps locate hundreds of missing women

In 1974, a headless body was found in Norfolk, England — belonging to a woman, believed to be a Danish escort, and found tied up in a pink nightgown, wrapped in a National Cash Registers’ plastic sheet. For decades, officials have looked to find her killer, who is still unknown. In the process, police gathered 500 cases of missing women and found 263 who had been reported missing alive and well. An additional 52 missing women were found to have died since the inquiry began.

Police still seek to learn more about the victim from 1974, with one line of inquiry leading to a woman known as The Duchess. “The Duchess lived in the Great Yarmouth docks and was well-known and a bit of a character,” Detective Chief Inspector Andy Guy told the BBC. “We know she spent some time in custody (but the records have long since been destroyed) and we know people who knew her and spent time with her, but nobody knows her name.”

Read the full story at the BBC.

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