Women attempting to row across Atlantic have run out of clothes and are rowing naked

The Yorksire Rows (Facebook)

Four British women attempting to become the oldest all-female crew to row across an ocean announced via social media this week they are now completing their mission naked after running out of clean clothes. The women, who call themselves The Yorkshire Rows, are all working mothers aged 45 to 51 who are more than halfway across the Atlantic Ocean on their 3,000-mile journey from England to Antigua.

“Things are starting to get a little smelly. We have no clean clothes to wear (didn’t bring much anyway), alas we are naked,” Janette Benaddi wrote on the blog the women are keeping to document their trip. “It’s good for our skin and also when waves hit we dry quick…It’s like a nudist camp on this boat (of course we wouldn’t know what that is like but can imagine).”

The women are making the attempt as part of the Tallsker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, and have already spent one month at sea and crossed a hurricane on their journey.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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