Muslim women respond to British PM’s put down with good-humored “Twitter storm”

(L)@Ensaniyaat/Twitter; (R) @mamanabeelah/Twitter

British prime minister David Cameron was the target of a “Twitter storm” on Sunday, in response to a comment about Muslim women’s “traditional submissiveness,” that was attributed to him by a government source. The comments were allegedly made in relation to the English language test that Cameron’s government has announced, as part of an effort to improve the integration of migrants to their new culture.

Going forward, Muslim women who live in Britain will be tested on their English language skills to ensure that they are integrating into their communities and are less susceptible to terrorist messages. The new rule would institute language tests after two-and-a-half years in the country.

“David knows that the traditional submissiveness of Muslim women is a sensitive issue,” the Telegraph quoted a Government source as saying, “but the problems of young people being attracted by extremism will not be tackled without an element of cultural change within the community.”

Author Shelina Janmohamed, 41, was one of the people who found the comments frustrating and resolved to respond “in the most British way I could, which was with some sarcasm.”

The hashtag #traditionallysubmissive was born and participants began posting about their accomplishments and life experiences. “There was so much energy, it was so vibrant, it was so upbeat, it was so optimistic, it was so funny… they really took their response to the Prime Minister in a really upbeat, positive way that suggests that Muslim women really want to engage with the government,” Janmohamed told Mashable.

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