Why some women love Trump and are willing to overlook his offensive language

(Jeff Haller/The New York Times)

Billionaire real estate magnate and reality TV star Donald Trump is the undisputed frontrunner in the Republican primary race less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses. That’s a sentence you thought you’d probably never read in the year 2016. More than six months after launching a campaign that experts wrote off as a joke, Trump has managed to not only avoid the type of grenades that would blow other candidates’ campaigns to smithereens, but he actually (and often gleefully) pulls the pin on them himself and lets them blow up in his hands. And his poll numbers go up. In Iowa, a poll showed Trump and Ted Cruz, the U.S. senator from Texas, tied with 23.5 percent support among women. An increasing base of Trump’s support, believe it or not, is coming from a coalition of women who view him as a candidate who can do no wrong — a phenomenon that doesn’t necessarily show up in all of the polling data. To get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding this surprising support, The Guardian interviewed 18 women Trump supporters at two Trump rallies. What in tarnation are they thinking?

For starters, gender issues are not at the forefront of their political agendas. “I believe it’s a non-gender issue,” one woman told The Guardian about why Trump’s often sexist language (“blood coming out of her whereever” and “schlonged” and mocking Carly Fiorina’s face) doesn’t offend her, adding, “I don’t see any issues about gender relations.” Another woman chimed in saying, “I don’t even see that [gender issues] as being a problem in America.”

As for Trump’s salty language, some women see it as the candidate’s rebellion against political correctness run amok in America. “This political correctness nonsense is causing us more harm than anything you can imagine,” Nancy Young told The Guardian, lamenting, “You’re censored for everything you say.”

The Guardian also got some experts to weigh in, one of whom explained Trump’s support among women as a matter of party taking precedent over gender. Another expert surmised that because Trump is an equal opportunity offender, women are less apt to be offended when he offends them — after he’s already insulted a litany of other groups.

Poll after poll has shown Trump to be the clear leader in the race, and he’s even shoring up his lead in crucial early states like Iowa and New Hampshire, where voting is getting under way within the next two weeks or so. The flip side of that domination, though, is a national poll released this week that finds Trump is viewed negatively by a whopping 62 percent of women.

That’s not the case for one 48-year-old woman The Guardian encountered who explained why she isn’t offended by the billionaire big-mouth, and actually finds him to be “refreshing.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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