ISIS uses blogs and Instagram-styled photos to recruit Western brides

(Screen grab via CNN)

Blogs that share poetic descriptions of women falling in love with attractive, heroic, jihadi husbands are being used by ISIS as a recruitment tool for Western women. The practice has become so prevalent that a nickname for these men has even sprung up: “jihotties.” Online recruiters promise young women loving husbands, free housing, healthcare, and cars. Men are promised beautiful brides, true to their faith, and the opportunity to be a hero. “It’s about romance, it’s about the perfect life, it’s about making everything bad in their past go away because now they’re going to have the perfect future,” says Professor Mia Bloom of Georgia State University.

When the women get to ISIS territory they’re placed in female dorms for indoctrination and quickly marry husbands, not necessarily of their choosing. Housing, food, and electricity are often scarce. Foreign born fighters appear to be treated as more disposable than other jihadis, and widows are expected to quickly marry again. It is currently estimated that more than 500 Western women have joined ISIS, suggesting the militia’s internet recruitment is successful to some degree.

Watch the video at CNN.


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