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Man-free skies

UAE launches first all-woman airline service

By WITW Staff on January 20, 2016

The United Arab Emirates announced this week that it will become the first country in the world to launch an airline services company that caters exclusively to women, according to Gulf News. Privately-owned LGO International FZ has established offices in Abu Dhabi and will serve only women clients with an all-female crew, made available for high-profile and more conservative women, CEO Emmanuel Dubuisson said. The fit of the company’s plane can be customized for an all-black or all-pink interior and modified to include a cinema and shower because “the needs of the customer come first,” said Dubuisson.

Gulf News spoke with Kuwait-based fashion designer Mashael Al Mutawa about the concept, who said she only travels a few times a year but sees the service potentially beneficial to a “big category of women in our society, especially conservative families who will find it easier for their women to travel on their own.”

Read the full story at Gulf News.


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