Women doctors fire back at newspaper columnist who claims they are the problem with the medical field


A column published in a British newspaper that criticized the “feminization of medicine” rubbed many in the medical community there the wrong way — enough to inspire a clever hashtag on Twitter that’s rebutting the “outdated and sexist” views expressed in the article. Sunday Times columnist Dominic Lawson argued that the rise in women doctors has led to a rise in problems with Britain’s National Health Service, in an article published on Sunday. “Fewer women than men choose to work out of hours, and the increase in women doctors may have partly influenced the recent abandonment of out-of-hours work by general practitioners in the U.K.,” Lawson wrote in the column. Not surprisingly, the piece was met with an almost instantaneous backlash. Many male and female doctors took to Twitter using the hashtag #LikeALadyDoc to slam Lawson, and provided evidence that he’s wrong. Trauma and orthopedic surgeon Roshana Medhian, who, in an interview with Buzzfeed News, said the objective of the hashtag is to “ridicule Dominic Lawson’s backward views” posted this response on Twitter

Given the spate of supportive and funny tweets that have shown up on the hashtag, it seems like Medhian’s objective has been largely achieved.

Read the full story and see more reaction at BuzzFeed.


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