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Reza Gul lies on a hospital bed with her baby. (HASAN SIRDASH/AFP/Getty Images)


Woman, 20, hospitalized after her husband cut off her nose, authorities say

By WITW Staff on January 19, 2016

A young Afghan woman is hospitalized in critical condition after her husband attacked her and cut off her nose, her family and police there said. Twenty-year-old Reza Gul was attacked by her husband on Sunday after she objected to him taking a second wife, a 6-year-old girl. Police say Muhammad Khan, 25, cut off her nose with a knife, leading to massive blood loss. A doctor said Gul was admitted to the hospital in critical condition but physicians were able to stabilize her and she’s now hoping to travel to Turkey to receive reconstructive surgery. The attack took place in Shar-Shar, a small village in the Taliban-controlled portion of Faryab Province. Gul brought her severed nose to the hospital with her, but doctors there weren’t equipped to attempt to reattach the appendage. Gul has been married to Khan for five years, and her mother, Zarghona, said Khan has regularly abused her during the course of the marriage. Reeling from the ordeal, Zarghona had harsh words for her daughter’s attacker. “This infidel cut off my daughter’s nose,” Zarghona said. “If I catch him, I’ll tear him to pieces.” She said Khan flew into a rage after Gul took issue with him becoming engaged to marry his uncle’s daughter, who is believed to be 6 or 7 years old. Zarghona said Khan intended to kill Gul, but Gul’s life was spared with the potential intervention of an unexpected group. The attack on Gul is the latest in a string of brutal crimes against women in Afghanistan highlighting the danger women face on a daily basis there.

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