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Pretty women get better grades, study finds

(Nate Pesce/The New York Times)

Studies had already told us that better-looking people earn more money, are liked and trusted more and end up marrying better-looking, well-educated people. Now, according to a new study from researchers at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, they also earn better grades. The researchers asked outside observers to rate students of their university on attractiveness, based on their ID photo, and then compared those to their academic record. They found that “the women judged as least attractive earned significantly lower grades,” while the most attractive women earned higher grades. And if you were wondering: yes, male professors were more likely to give the “better-looking” students higher grades. But the most important finding, according to lead author Rey Hernández-Julián is the fact that the advantage only works in real life: when those same students took online course, the benefits of being pretty as good as disappeared. While he cautions that the overall variation in grades based on looks is small, he believes that “giving all students a chance to compete academically in an arena where looks don’t matter might allow more of them to shine.”

Read the full story at NPR.

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