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Men are 5 times more likely to prioritize investing than women


Men are five times more likely to make investing a financial priority than women, according to a new study by financial planning website LearnVest. They came to this conclusion after studying the data of their more than 100,000 members to determine people’s financial goals. While the study revealed that  budgeting is the top priority for all people across the board, both sexes have some work to do when it comes to paying down debts and establishing budgets, the website found. According to LearnVest’s founder, Alexa von Tobel, more than 75 percent of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, so making a budget would be the first step towards financial freedom. “I think it’s most important for people to understand what a solid foundation is, which is no credit card debt, an emergency savings account, and being on track to retirement,” she said. “Those three elements are the bare minimum for a healthy financial life.”

Read the full story at MONEY.

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