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Not a joke

Taiwanese city builds church in shape of high-heel shoe to attract female worshippers

By WITW Staff on January 14, 2016

Hoping to entice more women to worship, local officials in the Taiwanese city of Jiayi have built a church in the shape of a giant, blue, high-heel shoe. It’s a rather brilliant strategy, because when women’s small brains are not clouded with thoughts of menstruation and chocolate, they are incapable of resisting glamorous footwear in any form. There will reportedly be 100 “female-oriented” features in the church, like maple leaves (?), biscuits, cakes, and “chairs for lovers,” which do not sound particularly conducive to religious contemplation. The church is slated to open on February 8, in time for the Chinese New Year. To that we say, “HalleSHOEjah!” Sorry, not sorry.

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