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Jeb Bush releases new ad focusing on how he dealt with his daughter’s drug addiction

Bush with his daughter Noelle in 1998. (Reuters)

As Jeb Bush’s campaign continues its downward spiral in the polls — his numbers in two polls out just this week have been described as toxic and his favorability rating is the lowest of all the GOP candidates — the former Florida governor is looking for ways that voters can connect with him. If voters aren’t drawn to Bush’s policy wonkiness, maybe they’ll be able to relate to his humanity as a family man, the thinking goes, and the crisis his family dealt with a decade ago when his daughter, Noelle, struggled with drug addiction. Noelle, 24 years old in 2002 when her troubles erupted, spent two short stints in jail and was in and out of rehab. Meanwhile, Bush, as governor, was opposing legislation that would have pushed more drug offenders into treatment rather than jail.

Over the years, Bush has evolved on the drug issue and how to approach it, which was a point he brought up in a very candid video interview with The Huffington Post last year. His daughter’s drug addiction was a topic he’d largely avoided for years, but a woman’s scathing email to him was at least one of the reasons that inspired him to tackle the issue publicly, and talk about his more liberal position on the issue. And that is the primary thrust of his new ad. He talks frankly about Noelle’s plight (she’s reportedly been clean for years now) and touts his family’s personal experience with the issue, as somber piano music plays in the background. “If you want someone to figure out how to solve a problem,” he says, “then I’m your guy.”

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