Double trouble

Married couple share highs and lows of being pregnant at the same time

“The most important thing we’ve mastered is allowing only one of us to freak out at a time,” Kate Elazegui said in a humorous and honest as-told-to in the Cut, speaking of the experience she and her wife Emily Kehe shared of being pregnant at the same time and giving birth just four days apart.

Now the happy parents of two newborn boys, the couple began investigating fertility clinics soon after their marriage two years ago. Elazegui is three years older than Kehe and doctors thought statistics were on the side of the younger wife, but Elazegui wanted to try as well. “I mean, it‘s human nature to think that there’s a chance,” she said.

After months of inseminations that didn’t take, and when her insurance was about to run out, Elazegui opted for IVF. Thinking it would take some time for Kehe to conceive, doctors started her on inseminations as well. But, she got lucky on the first try. “Emily is the poster girl for womanhood. Her body was like, boom!” said Elazegui.

Three weeks after learning Kehe was pregnant, Elazegui got the call that she was, too.

Emily Kehe and Kate Elazegui (Facebook)

Emily Kehe and Kate Elazegui (Facebook)

“I fell off my chair. I was sitting on the floor, alternating between laughing hysterically and hyperventilating and crying. It was so overwhelming. I mean obviously, I was so happy for her, but I was like, Holy shit, what are we going to do?” Kehe told the Cut.

While Elazegui dealt with a complicated pregnancy, Kehe breezed through hers. But the couple enjoyed the experience together and said they never complained to each other. “You want the person to be like, ‘Oh, baby, I’ll take care of you.’ We couldn’t do that. There was no energy left to be sympathetic,” said Elazegui.

The two detail their full experience together, from “duds” for boobs, to one of their sons being a “delicate little flower” and the other “like a frat boy.” It’s well worth a read.

Read the full story at the Cut.



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