Loretta Lynch keeps her cool amid Obama’s final agenda push

President Barack Obama, left, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. (Zach Gibson/The New York Times)

Loretta Lynch has made a career of bold accomplishments made while flying under the radar. The United States Attorney General recently sat beside President Obama in the Oval Office during a meeting with reporters about gun control, and again with him as he cried during a press conference on gun restrictions the following day, but her picture appeared in few news stories about the issue. Lynch appears to prefer it that way.

As Obama begins his final year of his presidency, he is setting up Lynch to be a vital part of securing his legacy, and her knack for understatement may be a signature part of accomplishing that legacy, according to a profile of the AG in New York magazine. Lynch’s Department of Justice will be responsible for executing Obama’s push to prosecute gun sellers who do not conduct background checks, likely sparking a backlash from conservative lawmakers and gun rights groups, and will be at least partially responsible for the President’s agenda on terror, police profiling, national security, refugee policies, and corporate crime. Those who have worked with Lynch praise her in the piece as discreet, circumspect, and “wrapped in velvet,” – or unflappable – which may allow her to accomplish all of that with her own legacy intact.

Read the full profile at New York.

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