Campaign asks movie lovers to watch 52 films directed by women this year


As BAFTA unveiled its nominations for Best Director on Friday — none of them women — Women In Film (WIF), an organization that hopes to combat sexism in the film industry, was already in the midst of a new campaign called #52FilmsByWomen that asks cinephiles to pledge to watch one film by a female director every week for a year.

Researchers for WIF found that despite there being a plethora of female directors, lack of access to the bigger projects and media exposure leaves them underrepresented and unknown. “One of the barriers for female directors is a perceived scarcity of talent pool and experience,” writes the organization on their website. “Many of those surveyed couldn’t name a female director… There are over one thousand female directors on The Director List, 1300 female directors at the DGA and 45 who have helmed a $25 million movie in the last 13 years.”

WIF has already received 2,831 commitments, and those interested in taking on the challenge themselves, or just looking for a film by a female director, can get a start by consulting the list WIF has compiled.

Read the full story at The Independent.

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