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Gabby Giffords to endorse Hillary Clinton because of gun control stance

By WITW Staff on January 11, 2016

Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords is set to be the next in a series of high-profile endorsers of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. CBS News is reporting that the gun-control advocate and mass-shooting survivor, along with her husband and retired astronaut Mark Kelly, will announce their endorsement later this week. The nod is largely motivated by Clinton’s stance on gun control. Giffords has been a staunch advocate for increased gun control legislation since she became the victim of gun violence five years ago when a gunman shot her in the head and killed six others in a Tucson parking lot. She sat front row during President Obama’s emotional speech last week, where he announced a series of executive actions on legislating firearms sales, including expanding background checks and closing the gun-show loophole. Hillary Clinton has announced several gun safety policy proposals herself, many in line with President Obama’s executive actions, and has worked to distinguish herself from Bernie Sanders on the issue. The Democratic frontrunner has asked Senator Sanders to change his stance on his support of a 2005 law which excused gun manufactures from any legal liability over deaths resulting from the use of their products. “I think he has been consistently refusing to say that he would vote to repeal this absolute immunity from any kind of responsibility or liability,” she on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday. “It’s the only industry in our country where we have given that kind of carte blanche to do whatever you want to do with no fear of legal consequences.”

Read the full story at CBS.


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