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Creepy ad for wearable translator draws criticism for sexual harassment

A strange video ad for “Ili,” a Japanese gadget that has been described as the world’s first wearable translator device, has gone viral after people called it out for promoting sexual harassment. The device provides instant translations in three different languages — but somehow its maker, Tokyo-based tech firm Logbar, decided to showcase this with a video of a British tourist named Dean hitting on random women on the streets of Tokyo. Using the device, he can be seen telling one woman  that it is “very normal” in the U.K. to kiss strangers, and approaching a different woman to tell her “I should thank your parents for making such a beautiful girl on this earth,” before trying to kiss her on the lips and reassure her no one’s watching. The video, posted to Facebook, has been seen more than 4.8 million times and shared over 80,000 times. Social media users were quick to point out just how strangely sexist the ad is, with one person writing: “You make one of the most incredible pieces of technology in years and your advertisement for it is exclusively about sexually harassing women in Japan?” A man in San Francisco even launched a petition asking Logbar to remove the video and officially apologize for its “racist and sexist content.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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