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How an Indian entrepreneur is helping Irish women get around abortion laws

Founder of Women on Waves Rebbeca Gomperts on board the Dutch abortion ship The Sea of Change in Scheveningen harbour June 11, 2001. JFL - RTRJECC

Indian entrepreneur Mohan Kale has been supplying abortion tablets at cost to countries where abortion is illegal, such as Ireland, reaching individuals in need through cooperation with charities such as Women on Web. Producing abortion tablets was once a business for Kale, but influenced by his wife, Maitreyi, a social worker involved in sex education, he decided the product was more important that the margins. “To me it is very clear that the choice of whether a pregnancy is desired or undesired and whether she wants it or not has to rest with a woman because it is her body,” he says, “and she has to have access to resources required to make an effective choice, no matter what the law of the land says.”

Rebecca Gomperts, founder of charity Women on Web, uses Kale’s company to help service the 2,000 inquiries a week she receives from women around the world in need of abortion tablets. During the first week of this December, 49 requests came to her from Ireland. Women less than 9 weeks pregnant are shipped the tablets through the mail and are asked to donate roughly $90 to cover expenses. Four of five women will donate the full amount, the rest, as part of a “chain of solidarity” with other women in need, pay what they can, which is sometimes nothing.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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