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Doctors who perform crowd-funded breast implant surgery face penalties


Doctors in the United Kingdom will be banned from performing cosmetic surgery on women who crowdfunded the costs of their surgery, according to The Next Web. The new rule comes in response to a trend in which women are using sites such as to find men who will pay for breast implants, more than 500 of whom have used the service in the UK in the past year alone. Women often post naked photos to themselves and write erotic stories in order to encourage donors.  The site takes 19 percent of a user’s donated funds for its profit, according to the report, and has no security features stopping underage girls from using the site.

Doctors will face penalties including bans from practicing if caught performing such surgeries. “The concept of websites such as myfreeimplants is exploitative of very vulnerable women,” said Mary O’Brien, a spokesperson for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

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