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Dakota Johnson slams Hollywood’s “brutal” ageism

By WITW Staff on January 5, 2016

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson, 26, has told Vogue UK that she’s already worried about her own future in Hollywood, slamming the “brutal” film industry that is not casting her mother or grandmother, the actresses Melanie Griffith (58) and Tippi Hedren (85). “No matter how tough you are, sometimes there’s the feeling of not being wanted. It’s absurd and cut-throat. Whenever I have downtime, I’m unsure that I will ever work again. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a definite thing that happens to me,” said the actress, who is currently promoting the movie Black Mass. She is the latest in a line of actresses who have spoken out against Hollywood’s ageism problem, when it comes to strong roles for older actresses. Her mother, Melanie Griffith, who starred in movies including Lolita and Bonfire of Vanities and received an Oscar-nomination for 1988’s Working Girl, is currently acting in the TV-show Hawaii Five-O. Johnson’s grandmother, Tippi Hedren, was once Alfred Hitchcock’s muse, starring in the iconic The Birds in 1963, but later fell out with the director (accusing him of being a sexual predator), and saw her career later move to supporting roles and TV work. Johnson also reflected on her own work in Fifty Shades of Grey, the critically derided blockbuster, saying she was “proud” of it and doesn’t need to distance herself from the movie. “The more work I do, the more the general public sees the different things I can do,” she told the magazine. “Do I think it opened doors? Yeah. More people know my name.”

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