Danger zone

Reported rapes surge on game day at big football schools

Fans cheer on their team in Columbia, Missouri. (Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

On the day of home football games at Football Bowl Subdivision schools (also known as Division I-A schools), reported rapes rise by 41 percent — and that’s just one of the disheartening facts found by researchers in a new study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Crime data collected by the FBI between 1991 and 2012 from 138 campus agencies compared rape reports on game days versus non-game days, according to the Huffington Post. Researchers analyzed nearly 100 Division I schools to find that college-aged rape victims rose by 58 percent on the day of home game and rapes that involved an offender that the victim did not know rose 61 percent on game days.

“What we really wanted to do in this study is to quantify the degree to which partying and alcohol consumption actually cause increases in reports of rape, and that’s why we decide to investigate the effects of Division I football games,” study co-author Jason Lindo said.

Read the full story at the Huffington Post.


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