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Iranian women walk past the "Gate of All Nations" at the ancient Persian city of Persepolis near Shiraz. It will serve as the finish line for Iran's first marathon in April, but women will be barred from running in the race. (BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)


Iran’s first marathon open to tourists, but not women

By WITW Staff on January 4, 2016

“Because of local regulations,” Iran’s first international marathon is open to tourists but not women, according to organizers. On April 9, the “I Run Iran” marathon — largely held as a means to to invite Westerners into the nation — will take place, bringing those who finish from the city of Shiraz through the Gate of all Nations at Persepolis.

“Unfortunately, women are not allowed to run this first limited edition”, race founder Sebastian Straten, originally of Holland, said. “Iran, as you might know, has its own religious traditions and customs. Local (religious) authorities are not yet acquainted with the concept of public (female) running. So we invite all men to participate and show how sport can unite.”

More than 300 individuals from 25 countries have already registered for the run.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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