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The "babypod" device is seen with a pregnant research subject. (YouTube)

Music appreciation

New speaker that inserts into the vagina allows fetuses to listen to music

By WITW Staff on January 1, 2016

A new video from gynecology clinic Institut Marquès in Barcelona captures “the first concert for fetuses ever held in the world,” as singer Soraya performs Christmas carols for expecting mothers and their unborn babies. The fetuses are listening through a new speaker called a “Babypod” that inserts into the mother’s vagina like a tampon. Connected to a smartphone, the speaker transmits the music for the fetus to hear.

The Babypod is the result of a Spanish study that proved fetuses can detect sound, and even respond to it by moving their mouths and tongues, once they reach between 18 and 26 weeks. While some experts believe that music helps the brain development of fetuses in the womb, such claims are disputed. The technology opens the door to further studies, and, for expecting mothers looking to give their child an edge, the Babypod might not be as strange as it first seems.


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