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Nadine, the world’s most human-like robot, modeled after professor

One of the receptionists at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is a humanoid robot named Nadine. She has been deemed the “most human-like” robot in the world, and she is able to greet visitors, smile, shake hands, and even recall previous interactions and conversations. In contrast to most robots, Nadine has a distinct personality and mood: her emotions can swing from happy to sad, depending on the topic at hand. Nadine was modeled after her creator, Professor Nadia Thalmann, and is powered by intelligent software akin to Apple’s Siri. Scientists believe that robots like Nadine will one day become visible features of offices and homes, even fulfilling childcare and companionship roles. “As countries worldwide face challenges of an aging population, social robots can be one solution to address the shrinking workforce, become personal companions for children and the elderly at home, and even serve as a platform for healthcare services in future,” Thalmann said. “[I]n future, these socially intelligent robots could be like C-3PO, the iconic golden droid from Star Wars, with knowledge of language and etiquette.”

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