The feminist viral sensations that inspired in 2015

While the internet too often creates the possibility for trolling and bullying, Fortune’s “Broadsheet’ has pointed out a range of ways that women used it for powerful good this year.  From Isis Wenger’s #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign to Jennifer Lawrence’s revealing essay for Lenny Letter — that decisively blew open the Hollywood gender pay gap — they laud their top-five fun and fierce uplifting campaigns and online smackdowns.

Enjoy the full list at Fortune.

Below, we celebrate ten other savvy uses of social media by and for women in 2015:

Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric sparks witty Twitter backlash

Taylor Swift tangles with Apple … and comes out on top

Irish women are tweeting their period details to Irish PM in abortion protest

Photo of women soldiers breastfeeding goes viral

Viral poem and letter focus attention on global suffering

Student body president goes viral with fight against sexist dress code

Pakistani women use selfies to reclaim tea stalls

#SelfieWithDaughter campaign launched by Indian Prime Minister Modi a smash hit

Women protesting Instagram censorship by photoshopping male nipples on their own

Female scientists respond to sexist comments with #distractinglysexy Twitter campaign

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