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New Chrome apps help women avoid “sorry” in emails

A new app aims to highlight "problematic language" like “just,” “sorry” and “I think” in emails.

The Just Not Sorry application was created by Tami Reiss, whose New Year’s Resolution is one many women may be able to relate to: ditch phrases like “just,” “sorry” and “I think” that bog down emails and make her seem less professional. The words and phrases will be underlined in Gmail, as for a spelling error, but upon hovering over the troublesome expression, quotes will appear (over “just,” for example, the Tara Mohr quote appears: “’Just’ shrinks your power.”) Reiss told Slate that she hopes 10,000 other women join her in striking problematic language and said she developed the idea in conversation with other female entrepreneurs who found they were also guilty of such behavior.

“Sometimes the environment needs to change in order to enable better behavior,” Reiss said. “We thought: What if we changed the environment? What if we pinged someone to say, ‘Hey, you’re doing this thing that you probably don’t want to do. The response is going to be unconscious to someone else, but it’s going to have a really big impact.’”

Read the full story at Slate.


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